OpenWheeler Driving Chair

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OpenWheeler Driving Chair

An XBOX, PlayStation, Wii and PC compatible game driving cockpit simulator

Nowadays the game chairs supply the finest experience possible when racing your favoutite games from GT5 to Forza 3. Seated in such a car racing game simulator in the proper racing position is the most excellent platform for racing car drivers to explore all intercontinental speedways before they race on them, even for the devoted and passionate gamer searching to experience the nearest thing imaginable to being in a WRC or Formula 1 car.
PC games are very enchanting, so they deserved to be played with something more suitable than a scrubby controller. So, the OpenWheeler Chair Simulator allowed racing car game players to be immersed into the entire racing experience. The OpenWheeler driving simulator was produced for the really enthusiastic racing maniacs.

The best value for your money

The racing car game simulators available on the marketplace convey a wide variety of specifications, but somehow the price of the majority of the products isn't worth the workmanship. If you wish to take advantage of the specifications of the ultimate racing game chair at an inexpensive rate and have room for it - then nothing comes closer to the OpenWheeler Car Game Driving Seat Simulator. The cost for OpenWheeler varies from £200-£300 GBP (300-500 dollars) and differentiates manifestly from the astonishing 26,000 British Pounds (more than 42,000 US dollars!), the Vision Racer price spectrum. Do not be so baffled with such an analogy. If you are a pro the cost isn't an issue and OpenWheeler will make your wishes a reality. By paying the modest fee of 270 GBP, you will take advantage of excellent quality, durability and comfort.

Racing Seats

Compatible with all kinds of racing wheels, video gaming controllers, car racing simulation games and adaptable pedal systems

The OpenWheeler car racing game chair will match all contemporary PlayStation2, PS 3, Xbox360, Nintendo Wii and PC game racing wheels, and is available with an extensive range of shelves, rendering it compatible with the Logitech Force GT, Logitech G25, Logitech G27, Logitech EX, Fanatec Porsche, Thrustmaster T500 RS video game racing wheels and the official Xbox 360 Microsoft wireless steering wheel. Pedals are also held firmly in place by adaptable stoppers rendering it appropriate for all sizes.

The OpenWheeler car game racing simulator features

With OpenWheeler you receive the most realistic racing experience you can have with your video game system in your own house, garage or workshop. OpenWheeler features adjustable driving position support to accommodate juvenile and grownup racers of all shapes and proportions. Changing position is a matter of seconds, using 2 easy-twist knobs and the telescopic car racing simulation game wheels and the official Xbox 360 Microsoft wireless home video game wheel column. The chassis is amazingly solid, enabling even the bulkiest racers to heave themselves in the abruptest of bends. Briskly mounted or folded away - it takes less than 30 seconds. It promises top-notch build quality and it's a great enjoyment for the entire household.

What's in the package?

Each OpenWheeler is safely transported and will arrive in impeccable condition each time. Every package comprises everything you require:
1. An exceptionally operational and light OpenWheeler video game racing cockpit;
2. A strong, special finished, exceptionally durable chassis;
3. Velcro strip for additional control under your video game driving wheel and pedals;
4. A spanner and a hex key for exceptionally swift and easy assemblage;
5. Hardwood floor protection pads.